Update History

05/31/2003: Added 5 poems, 1 narration, and images to WARSAW UPRISING page

05/21/2003: Created STANISLAW ROWINSKI war recollections page

05/18/2003: Added WEBCAMS page

05/16/2003: Created new frames-based front end

05/15/2003: Created new WELCOME page

05/14/2003: Added MP3 support to WARSAW UPRISING page

04/29/2003: Set up e-mail and added CONTACT link

04/12/2003: Created site CREDITS page

03/27/2003: Created PPKLOSIE page

03/26/2003: Created site UPDATES page

03/23/2003: Created 50th anniversary of WARSAW UPRISING page

03/20/2003: SLROWINSKI.ORG domain registered and temporary WELCOME page created.